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Yes! They're so smart and literary with their references to Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. I just finished Fellowship of the Ring.

—Alice to Kevin.

Alice Goldman is a recurring character in F is for Family. She once knew Kevin Murphy when they were in the same 7th grade gym class and currently is his girlfriend. She is voiced by Jamie Denbo.


Alice is a teenage girl with waist-length brown hair. She wears a yellow shirt with red, orange, and blue stripes, black glasses, blue jeans and red shoes.


Alice is a smart girl who encourages others to do what they think is right. She enjoys reading fantasy books and the band Shire of Frodo because of their references to such books. She is shown to be compassionate and empathetic. Trying to help Kevin excel, encouraging his music career and understanding Kevin's attempts to help Vic at the price of the song he wrote about her. She has also witnessed Frank's tantrums, including him punching his father, but doesn't say anything about this and helps the Murphy family welcome their new baby into the world.

She continues dating Kevin, but breaks up with him when he becomes too clingy after learning of her previous boyfriends. She eventually gets back together with him when she sees him performing a song for a group of babies.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Alice Goldman and her family is of Jewish origin, which appeared in Season 5 as they say Jewish prayers before dinner, and regularly attending the town's Synagogue on Saturdays.
  • In Season 5's The Searchers, we learn Alice bought her main outfit from Diane's Army Supplies.