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For you, Frank. I have two. I was just listening to Harmo-Nation.

—Ed knows Frank about listening to Harmo-Nation.

Ed is a recurring character who plays somewhat of a foil and rival to Frank as manager of Alaquippa Airways, the main competitor to Mohican Airlines. In Season 5, Bob Pogo, in an act of delirium, convinced Mrs. Dunbarton to sign a deal that effectively sold Mohican to Alaquippa, merging the two into "Alahican" Airlines, thus making him Frank's supervisor.

He is played by Joe Pera.


Ed is a very gentle and NPC like character (thanks in part to Joe Pera's trademark cadence). He's incredibly polite to others even in the face of rude or otherwise antagonistic and oppositionally defiant behavior. This has made him something of a butt to many a character's joke, especially Frank, whom holds borderline unconditional vitriol towards Ed.

While his calm demeanor makes him appear to be a whimpy pushover, in truth, Ed is a very observant, intelligent and calculating individual. When Frank attempted to assert himself, Ed merely retorted his attempts calmly and pragmatically, in turn cementing himself as Frank's superior, not to be brushed aside.

It's also revealed during Season 5 that he had served in the war much like Frank, however unlike the latter, Ed never saw proper combat, and wound up being captured, tortured and raped by enemy forces until his eventual rescue. Although his lesson in revealing this was likely not to allow past experiences to paint who you are in the present, it's also hinted that the scars from the ordeal may have been what humbled Ed into the quiet man he is today.

Despite his intelligence and self-control, he is not without his mistakes, as after the merger he attempted to run an ad campaign which featured two planes crashing into one another, which results in large profit losses, something he readily admits was in poor taste.

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