"There's the Sicilian in him!"
- Nana Rose, watching Phillip beat up Hobo Jojo on TV.
"Nana" Rose Bonfiglio is the mother of Babe, mother-in-law of Marie, and grandmother to Phillip and Anthony. She is voiced by Mo Collins. She enjoys the TV show "Dialling For Dollars". She believes that Hebrew people, to whom she refers as "Heebs", are ruining Hollywood.

Personality Edit

She is mean and cynical towards Marie, making fun of her weight and size. It's also believed that she may be a fascist, evidence of this is with her reading an autobiography of Mussolini and her hatred towards Jews.

Family And RelationshipsEdit


Babe is Rose's son.


Marie is Rose's daughter-in-law.


Phillip is Rose's older grandson. Nana Rose was extremely proud of Phillip when she saw him angrily beat up Hobo Jojo on live TV.


Anthony is Rose's younger grandson.

Episode Appearances Edit


"Oh, fuck the Polacks! They fought Hitler on a horse!"

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